Trainability and Aging

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Hi, I’m 66 and I’ve  been told that as we age, we can expect a rapid decline in physical attributes, especially those that determine performance in endurance sports. There are many questions we athletes typically have about this topic:

  • Are the changes inevitable?
  • How rapidly can we expect the changes to occur?
  • What is the cause of the changes?
  • Can we do anything to slow or stop the decline?
  • Is it possible to reserve the changes?
  • Can older athletes adapt to the stresses of training as well as young athletes can?
  • Are they able to physically cope with high-intensity workouts?

There has been done a lot of research on aging. Results appears that older athletes can adapt to the stresses of training an are able to physically cope with high-intensity workouts, at least in the short term, as well as young athletes can. An occasional high-intensity workout is possible for nearly any senior athlete. The challenge we face is recovering from such workouts and repeating them day after day, week after week. And the task becomes more difficult as we age. Age is probably the greatest determiner of how frequently we can repeat such workouts, because recovery slows as the birthday candles pile onto the cake. Not only those in their 50s and 60s but also people in their 70s and 80s have been shown to benefit from strenuous training.

In our society, and even among athletes, there is a common belief that growing old is fraught with devastating an unavoidable changes that are out of control. The best you can hope for is to keep them at bay as long as possible by taking handfuls of pills every day. There is a parallel belief that you must not do anything vigorous. Protect your fragile bones. Stop strenuous exercising. Don’t get your heart rate too high. Slow down. Take up gardening or bird watching. Act your age.

I suspect you are not buying into all of this. You’ve undoubtedly learned that the best antidote for the ravages and age is exercise. If for no other reason, you can see this in the differences between you and your normal neighbors.  While you may be about the same chronological age, you are physiologically much younger than they are. Exercise, especially vigorous exercise, is powerful medicine.

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A doctor and specialist in pathology. He has always been concerned about health and how to manage a good and healthy lifestyle. The blog will mainly be about the use of essential oils, health, and training.

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