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Urothelial Carcinoma


The urothelium is the epithelial lining of renal collecting ducts, calyces, ureters, bladder, and urethra. Urothelial carcinoma (UC), previously referred to as transitional cell carcinoma, is a histopathologic type of cancer that typically arises from the urothelium.

Urological tumours represent approximately 25% of all human cancers. The majority of cases presenting UC are bladder cancers (BC), whereas upper urinary tract urothelial cancer (UTUC) accounts for only 5%–10% of all urothelial malignancies.

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What is malignant melanoma?

Malignant melanoma is associated with the highest mortality rate among commonly diagnosed skin cancers.

Intense intermittent exposure to UV radiation via sunlight is the most significant risk factor.

A history of sunburns is another major factor.

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Gastritis is an inflammation of the lining (mucosa) of the stomach. Gastritis can be caused by irritation due to excessive alcohol use, chronic vomiting, stress, or use of certain medications such as aspirin or other inflammatory drugs. It may also be caused by:

  1. Infections: bacteria and virus
  2. Bile reflux

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Nourishing Success through Proper Wellness

The most effective way to achieve success is by living a healthy lifestyle. Your body needs the proper care to be able to execute day to day routine and help you in achieving your utmost goals in life.

Nourishing success isn’t just about being healthy, but also about focusing on the other important facets of life. Read on to find out how to nourish success through healthy living.

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