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Myth punctured: Alcohol does not change your personality!

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Unpleasant behavior and embarrassing dance steps can no longer be rejected with high promille. It shows a new study from the United States, which takes the life of the concept that you change significantly when you’re drunk.

” Excuse me, I’m drunk” is a sentence you will have trouble using in the future when friends and acquaintances confront you with unnecessary statements and questionable text messages during a damp city trip.

According to a new study of the University of Missouri, it is not correct that alcohol changes our personality. At least not as much as we think ourselves.

Drunk in the laboratory

156 participants participated in the study. They were first asked to describe their personality both with and without alcohol inboard.

Then they were grouped up and were asked to take different drinks. About half of the participants got alcohol in the drinks and ended up with a promille of around 0.9.

After 15 minutes, they participated in a number of social activities that were monitored by observers outside the premises.

Became more extroverted

The interesting thing was that the alcohol-affected participants themselves thought they became less conscientious, less sociable and less open to new experiences.

But the observers noted no changes. The only thing they experienced was that the participants became more extroverted.

“It was surprising that there was such a big difference in the perception of participants and observers,” says Rachel Winograd, one of the researchers who supported the study of the Association for Psychological Science.

She and colleagues hope to be able to repeat the study in an environment where it is more natural to ingest alcohol.


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