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Thank you for clicking the link to learn about me. My name is Kjell H Kjellevold.

I’m from Norway, and I’m a doctor and specialist in pathology.

 What is a pathologist? I recommend that you have a look at the website of THE Royal College of Pathologists where you can read about our specialty. Pathologists don’t all do the same job. There are over 19 different specialties, with their own training programs and exams. I do histopathology (the study of disease in human tissue).

In my job at one of the biggest hospitals in Norway, I was the head of the department for 15 years. In 2014 I retired, but I still work in the department four months each year and are still participating in some research. The department’s main research issues are how to prevent cancer and avoid overtreatment. We are focusing on breast, bladder, uterus and cervix cancers.

I’ve always been concerned about health and how to manage a good and healthy lifestyle. Lately, my interest in essential oils have been growing and capturing my attention. Essential oils are used for a very wide range of emotional and physical wellness applications. My blog will mainly be about the use of essential oils, health, and training. I love to welcome you to my journey. Receive our free email series

Kind regards

Kjell H Kjellevold


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