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This episode will give you a little primer on how modern medicine became a profit model and is not focused on curing disease, but on ‘treating’ disease aka, making the patient a cash call for the drug industry.…

Cross-Country Skiing

Keeping sharing simple....

Recreational cross-country skiing is most frequently known as touring. Lot of skiers stay out for extended periods using tents and equipment similar to bushwalkers/hikers, whereas others take short trips from ski resorts on maintained trails. In some countries, organizations maintain a network of huts for use by cross-country skiers in wintertime. For example, the Norwegian Mountain Touring Assosiation maintains over 400 huts stretching across hundreds of kilometres of trails which are used by hikers in the summer and by skiers in the winter. This is a very popular avtivity for young people, but even mayor people can do it. In the summer there are possibilities for evryone. In the winter it’s necessary to have experience in cross-country skiing! I’m more than 60 years and love doing these activities.

Travel to Norway – Offficial Travel Guide

Norway is a very beautiful country. I prefere the west cost and the north part of Norway. There you find the famous fjords with steep mountanis. It’s a pitty that we don’t have good weather, but even though I think you will have a nice experience. In the summer we have rany wheather. On sunny days we have temperatures over 20 degrees. Take a look on the website below and enjoy!

Visit Norway


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