Lavender and sound sleep.

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A friend of me told about using Lavender essential oil for sound sleep.

She has used it for approximately the last 2 weeks, having been applying Lavender to her big toes when she goes to bed. It started when she was a little stressed and having trouble relaxing. She just took the Lavender Touch down across the underside of each toe about twice. And within about 10 minutes, she started to feel as if her eyes were getting heavy.
And since the Touch was beside her bed, she just continued doing it. What she has discovered has been cumulative.
First thing she noticed and on the very first night, instead of waking 5 or 6 times during the night..she slept thru. Probably the first time in a decade. She thought at first she may have been really tired and forgot that she was up and over to the bathroom, so the next night, she decided that when she awoke and went over to the bathroom, she would leave herself a little marker. She was up one time. Not many times
Next night, same deal, she figured it was something she ate or didn’t eat or drank or didn’t drink, slept straight thru.
And at first she didn’t notice anything, but then she realized that she *WAS* noticing something. She was noticing that she didn’t get that dead in the head feeling mid afternoon.
So she is going to continue to use this little miracle. She can’t even see that she has used any of the oil from the Touch applicator! This should last a long time, and so inexpensive. It also stopped the wild dreams she was having. So, if you could sleep more soundly and stop waking up in the middle of the night, why not try it?

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