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There is scientific epidemiological evidence that physical activity can reduce the risk of having cancers. These reports are mainly based on self-reported physical activity by the partisipants in the studies, which is a limitation of the obtained results. If you want to compare physical activity and risk of having cancers, the physical activity has to be measured. Individual opinions of physical activities vary among individuals and aren’t reliable.

A Norwegian research group has recently published an article that men with higher levels of physical activities than others have reduced the risk of having cancers in the proximal colon, lung, pancreas, and the bladder. The study is a 40 year follow-up study. The uniqueness of this study is that they have measured the fitness capability of the participants.
The result shows that men in good physical shape have a reduced risk of having colon and pancreas cancer is about 70 % and bladder and lung cancer 60 %.
There is hope that conducting studies where physical activities are measured can better evaluate the health benefits between physically active and inactive individuals.
If you want to read the article go to: Cancer Medicine 

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Stig Atle Kjellevold says April 21, 2017

This was intersting to read.

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