Exercise and Growing Old

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We do not stop exercising because we grow old – we grow old because we stop exercising.

Is aging a disease? My perspective is that aging is a disease that is eventually fatal! My goal is to try to prevent the fatal consequence as long I can and at the same time take care of my physical performance capacity.

The common perception of aging is that as you age, you simply cannot do the same things you did when you were younger; therefore, you are old. However, there are plenty of stories talking about how someone over the age of 80 just completed a marathon or some other astonishing sports feat. How is this even possible? They are old, they shouldn’t be able to do that sort of thing…….. or should they?

Research tells us that the performance decline we typically experience with aging has a lot to do with how active we are while growing older. The best research studies on aging are longitudinal studies. In longitudinal study of aging athletes, the same subjects are followed for a long time with periodic tests and measurements. The longer the better. The takeaway from all these studies is that all exercise is good. First, exercise keeps you healthy and much younger than what is normal for our society. Moreover, that exercise does not have to be highly intense to foster excellent health and allow you to live a robust life as you get older. Athletes training primarily with long, slow distance are much more fit and healthy than who doesn’t. Exercise, regardless of intensity, is powerful medicine when it comes to health.

Aging athletes many times want to perform better, and high-intensity exercise has a purpose beyond health. It improves endurance performance. You will race faster when you include intensity in your training. If you aren’t healthy, then high performance, regardless of how you may train, is unobtainable. In that case you should discuss with your doctor what to do.

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