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Is Anemia A Running Epidemic? Iron deficiency?


  • The most difficult issue is to know whether someone is iron deficient or not. Anemic persons will usually have noticeable symptoms. There are of course individual variations. What is considered as a normal value for one person can be insuficient for another.
  • Athletes should have a ferritin level above 30 and a lower level of Hgb: 15.7 or higher for males and 14.0 or higher for females.
  • The optimum time period for athletes to take iron supplementation, especially when they train multiple times a day, seems to be limited. The best time being in the morning, after a night´s rest.
  • Low-dose iron supplementation (40-60 mg) on alternative days seems to increase iron absorption.
  • It is important to remember that iron is toxic and governed by absorption. The more you take in the more you are at risk.

I strongly advice that you check with your physician if you think your dietary intake of iron is inadequate and are considering iron supplementation.


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